Damien Hirst

Students were introduced to the work of British artist Damien Hirst. The activity began with children crumpling paper for 15 minutes. A group of 4 children was formed and each group was given 3 dfferent paint colors. One group worked on one art sheet using crumpled paper balls and paint to draw colour dots onto the paper by 'dip and stamp' technique.

Value in focus : Teamwork

Celebrating Friendship’s Day

Children were divided in groups of 5 and given art sheets, paints and paper. They dipped their fingers in paint and dabbed it on paper to make a flower. Children wrote a thank you message on the artsheet above the flower. Origami was introduced as an art activity where children made paper flowers by making and using paper fans and paper cones in groups to gift to their classmates.

Value in focus : Gratitude & Teamwork

Swachh Bharat

Children were asked to draw one item that they have observed that is making your community dirty and color it with only one color. They were asked to colour the background with another color and then outline the object with a black coloured pen or sketch pen. A discussion upon the same was done in the class to find ways to avoid that piece of item. The younger children were provided with a stencil and asked to color only the dirty items on the stencil. A story was narrated to them to make them understand the importance of using a dustbin for dumping the garbage.

Value in focus : Cleanliness

Celebrating Republic Day

Children celebrated Republic Day in schools by making cards for the Indian Defence Forces; Army, Navy and Airforce. Children of primary grades made badges representing Indian Tricolour. Children from Secondary grades made post cards by making airplanes, boats and sticking it on the paper with a message on it for our soldiers. Also, children were provided with a stencil on which they wrote message for the soldiers on one side and tore pieces of green, grey and brown papers to stick on the other as thier interpretion of the army.

Value in focus : Respect

Thread Painting

We introduced the concept of equality and respecting both genders equally through a thread paintinga ctivity where children worked in pairs on a common art sheet. Children in primary grades were familarized with shapes through this art activity. The motive behind the art was the idea that both men and women need to work together as a team in order to live in harmony. The end of class discussion between two pairs was crucial as children spoke of how they could be of help during the exercise.

Value in focus : Equality

Vincent Van Gogh

Children were introduced to the work of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. This activity aimed at students observing the colours he used and making an artwork using finger painting. An in-depth understanding of the life and work of the artist was explored to understand the virtue of patience to achieve brilliance in work. It was integrated in the art activity as a way to try finger painting and use patience to finish the art activity.

Value in focus : Patience

Celebrating Christmas

Children of primary grades made Santa Claus using paper plates and paper strips. They colored using red and black colors and used cotton to stick for beard and head. Children made origami greeting cards for loved ones as a way to recognize an individual in their life who had a positive impact on them in the past year. As a part of the activity, children made origami christmas tree and santa claus to stick on their post cards.

Value in focus : Gratitude