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The Saturday Art Class Coach Programme is a part time teaching programme where a Coach is responsible for an entire classroom for one academic year. The coach’s role involves delivering the Saturday Art Class curriculum with the help of mentors and parent leaders. Consistent interaction of students with their coach helps build trust and a lasting relationship. This stable foundation enables Coaches to create a strong impact on the children’s lives and in turn develop leadership to drive a social change in the education sector.



Mentors have always been an integral part of the Saturday Art Class programme. Mentors assist Saturday Art Class Coaches in delivering the curriculum in the classroom. Each mentor is assigned a particular class for one semester. We have found that week on week interaction of students with mentors enables them to form connections with the students, which makes it easier for mentors to pass on valuable skills and render impact.



We have introduced the Saturday Art Class Parent Leader programme this year, where parents of the students will be recruited to help the Saturday Art Class Coaches in conducting the sessions every Saturday. Each class will have one Parent Leader. This will ensure more involvement from the community that the students come from, and ensure that the learnings travel beyond the classroom walls and permeate the students’ homes. The Souled Store has collaborated with Saturday Art Class as a way to help our Big Little Artists showcase their voice and expression to the world through these T-shirts. Each T-shirt bought enables a parent leader to be a part of the class and learn alongside the students.

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