Our digital open-resources are accessible and available to every child, parent and educator!


a digital book for children

In order to combat technological impediments faced by our students during the course of virtual learning, we transformed our Recovery curriculum and compiled it into a tangible workbook, printed and distributed to all our students complemented with an Art Kit that enabled experiential learning.

Understanding the impact of such a resource as a workbook, made us realize that children needed a space to creatively express and explore themselves.

what does IN MY MIND comprise of?

IN MY MIND is a digital book based on social emotional learning, art, and creatively stimulating exercises to help provide SEL-based resources for students to educators, teachers, and parents during the “school from home” time.

A special shoutout to Ms. Samiksha Bindal and Ms. Palak Gupta for beautifully compiling and designing the workbook.

A glimpse into our digital book!

  • Session 1:
    What is my mind made of?: Feelings
  • Session 2:
    What is my mind made of?: Thoughts
  • Session 3:
    What is my mind made of?: Actions
  • Session 4:
    How do I take care of myself when I am angry?
  • Session 5:
    How do I take care of myself when I am sad?
  • Session 6:
    How do I take care of myself when I am scared?
  • Session 7:
    How do I take care of myself when I am worried?
  • Session 8:
    How do I take care of myself when I am shy?
  • Session 9:
    How do I take care of myself when I am bored?
  • Session 10:
    How do I take care of myself when I am confused?
  • Session 11:
    How do I create safe spaces for myself?
  • Session 12:
    What habits do I want to start and stop to feel better?



Everyone’s an Artist is a digital open-resource narrated by our Co-founder Manasi Mehan, that brings to light the importance of well-being & creativity in education, a tool we want as many children, teachers, and parents to benefit from.

In partnership with Learning Delight, this resource brings to you our curriculum, presented in the form of 12 interactive session videos for children to follow a creative process to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through Art.

what does EVERYONE'S AN ARTIST comprise of?

12 Sessions
Each session introduces a topic based on a specific emotion.
Help understand the topic in focus.
Students learn art as they are exposed to worldfamous artists in relation to the topic in session.
These activities draw inspiration from the works of well-known artists across the globe
At end of each session to monitor student progress.