what is saturday art class?

Saturday Art Class is where art and imagination uplift education. It is a uniquely-designed initiative that aims to enrich and develop children from low income communities through a variety of holistic and value-based modern art curriculums.

Conducted in BMC Schools, low-funded private schools and orphanages throughout the city of Mumbai, our dedicated team of industry experts, coordinators, mentors and volunteers have designed curriculums that facilitate each class to achieve the pre-determined set of learning curves:

what are the learning curves?


Connect and educate students through art


Provide global exposure through artists and their philosophies


Develop a variety of kinesthetic, value-based and creative life-skills


Enable students to delve into complex social issues by opening a communication channel that children can relate to.


Strengthen attendance, concentration and class participation


Improve self-confidence in an environment where children can be free


Create a safe fun-loving environment for a child to be a child


Receive holistic nurturing

why saturday art class?

Children from socially and economically less privileged backgrounds, at a tender age, are burdened with responsibilities and are exposed to situations that make it very difficult for them to “just be children”. Our curriculum acknowledges their plight as circumstantial and provides them with a safe haven where they can act their age and revel in everything they deserve. This is paramount for their overall psychological development.

We believe that a good education is not just what you gain from books but also what you gain from your experiences as a student. The process of creating art in itself is a language which enables us to communicate at a deeper level with them. This allows us to inculcate our core values to mould the child and ensure wholesome character development.

how is saturday art class conducted?

Our core values of Patience, Sharing, Gratitude, Teamwork, Respect, Cleanliness & Equality are the cornerstones of our curriculum.

our team

Architect by profession, has the aim of changing the perception of art in India.

Chhavi Khandelwal

Co - founder

A former Teach For India fellow and pyschologist, aiming to unearth the missing childhood within the children of low income communities of our country.

Manasi Mehan

Co - Founder

Serial Entrepreneur who believes design & art are natural precursors to problem solving

Aayush Bansal

Strategy & Development

Works behind the scenes, strengthening the backbone of our organisation to ensure a smile on each child's face.

Rishikesh Bhanushali


our co-ordinators

For the academic year 2018-19

Our Coordinators are the backbone of Saturday Art Class and are completely in charge of the school they head for the whole academic year. They also maintain mentor and teacher relations to make sure the class runs smoothly.

Nidhi Tulsani

Udaan India Foundation

Shivika Agarwal

Udaan India Foundation

Komal Mirani

Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

Dhruv Makwana

Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

Aishwarya Dindorkar

Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

Dhwani Modi

Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

Vrushi Shah

Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

Shachi Shah

byramjee jeejeebhoy Home for children

Reva Goyal

Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School

Amanda Dolphy

Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School

Yash Rohra

Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School

Krisha Shah

Love Grove Pumping Mumbai Public School

Masoomi Mehta

Love Grove Pumping Mumbai Public School

Rinee Rajeev

Holy Star English Medium School

Mansi Boghani

Shiv Vidya Niketan English School

Darshit Desai

Malwani Township English School

Moneel Shah

Malwani Township English School

Raksheta Giridhar

Malwani Township Mumbai Public School

Aishwarya Pola

Malwani Township Mumbai Public School

Rishita Chitalia

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School

Omkar Purav

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School

Krisha Thakker

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School

Zalak Shah

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School

Hemanshi Rashmin Khara

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School

Ryan Quadros

Chinchavali English Mumbai Public School