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Our COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Efforts


The first step of our COVID- 19 campaign that was aimed at providing Relief through the ‘Relief and Recovery Fundraiser’ sought to help our students and their communities with the provision of essential food supplies.

From the time of its initiation, the campaign has been thoroughly supported, especially by our Champions who shared our vision and have greatly advocated this cause to larger audiences, through individual fundraising. We continue to reach out to more student communities moving ahead onto the next step of providing Recovery.

2,500 Families, 12,394 Individuals


The Recovery campaign rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Art, works through the process of designing, developing and conducting a Wellbeing based curriculum. This curriculum functions to help our students and their communities to create positive spaces encouraging self-expression and awareness against the backdrop of the current pandemic.

Why Do We Need Saturday Art Class?