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The ĀTO Team

Why did ĀTO come about?

Like Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.”

ĀTO is a brand rooted in the belief that every child must have the opportunity to explore the benefits of his/her childhood. But what happens if due to unfortunate circumstances the child is forced to grow up too soon?

Children have the most creative minds exploding with imagination and ideas that arise from their little world. ĀTO works with children from government and low income aided schools in Mumbai, India who are under the Saturday Art ClassTM programme. These children, coming from socially disempowered backgrounds and they typically don’t get the outlet to explore and showcase their creativity due to lack of opportunities around them. Saturday Art ClassTM provides these children with value-based art classes and gives them the space to just be children and helps them revive their “missing childhood”.

ĀTO takes you into the mind and the world of these children that you never knew existed and at the same time attempts to start a line of clothing that is not only chic but also capable of raising awareness.

It also gives the world a different perspective on the lives of these children and an opportunity to explore their creativity. (Imagine wearing the softest mercerized cotton T-shirt with the coolest, most adorable sketches of the children)

The ĀTO initiative: Raising awareness and empowering the youth ĀTO wants to raise awareness about the education system at the grassroots level of our country and make the youth take ownership and act towards the education inequity and inequality that exists in India.

ĀTO is an alterbasic t-shirt brand created under the aegis of Saturday Art ClassTM. The 100% pure cotton t-shirts don’t only make for chic and comfortable casual wear, they also represent the artwork of India’s economically disempowered children and the unbridled creativity and imagination that they possess.