“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” - Winston Churchill

be a mentor

“After a whole week of work, Saturday Art Class fits in perfectly since Saturday mornings can easily be committed to. I mentored at Saturday Art Class for more than 6 months and I learn more from the beautiful children at Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School than I teach them every week. The best part is to not only see the children express, imagine and dive into parts of themselves they haven’t reached out to, but also learn values that will stay with them for life. “

- Titiksha Gandhi,
Executive, Live Events at BookMyShow
Mentor, Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School

“I joined Saturday Art Class in August 2017 and being a mentor here has helped me in tremendous ways. I have mainly taught the 2nd and 3rd grade children and despite being so young they are extremely keen learners and the creative answers they come up with really shows how much they can apply themselves when given the chance. I’m so glad that a platform like Saturday Art Class is available for them to grow and learn important values like patience, honesty, cleanliness and teamwork which may not be taught to them at home. Especially when it’s done using art and craft, it makes a bigger and lasting impact. These are values we also often forget to use and personally one major value I have honed after joining is definitely patience. It takes patience and understanding to handle 50+ children at once and I didn’t know I had it in me. We have also been equipped with regular training sessions and interactive meetings to learn these skills better!”

- Mishti Khatri,
Personal Trainer, Kinetic Living
Mentor, Mohili Village Mumbai Public School


what is the mentorship programme?

The backbone of Saturday Art Class is the Mentorship Programme. It has been conceptualised and designed on four essential pillars; communication, creativity, impact and connection.

For a child: With love, kindness and purpose, interaction with open-minded individuals from different walks of life enables sustained character development, encouragement and exposure to a world beyond theirs. Importantly, it enables them to form a connection with role models.

For a mentor: No matter your background, age or professional expertise, the programme provides the ability to realise commonality, form connections and render impact to motivated and loving children with limited means.

Awaken your inner child while simultaneously driving growth in another!


What requirements do you need to be a Mentor at Saturday Art Class?

The Mentorship Programme is divided into a 3 trimester system broken down into 3 months in an academic year: July - August - September, October - November - December & January - February - March

The work as a mentor requires a mentor’s presence for every Saturday for 3 months, which encompasses 1 Semester. Commitment must be shown for these 12 Saturdays for 2 hours per Saturday.

Every trimester begins with a compulsory orientation where all mentors must be present for briefings. Saturday Art Class sets certain expectations at the start of the mentorship programme during the orientation which must be met by the mentors.

Mentors must also follow and understand the compulsory online trainings to ensure smooth teaching every Saturday.The student-to-mentor ratio in a class is approximately 50:3 respectively.


who can be a mentor?

You don’t need to have an aptitude for art or a background in teaching to be a mentor at Saturday Art Class! Our mentors come from different educational and professional backgrounds.

The only common objective tying all mentors is the passion to address the education inequity and inequality in India.


be a coordinator

"I started as Manasi's first volunteer, when she just started her fellowship. Working with her on a daily basis, I saw the differences in the opportunities and schooling that I had, and that these kids would never have the fortune of experiencing . I got a lot more involved, understanding more about the kids and their lives outside the classroom. That's when I realized, that for most of these kids, their childhood and innocence has been taken away by nothing else but mere circumstances. In as little as 2 years I have seen the difference that Manasi can make to their lives, and the unbelievable potential they grow to, when given even a small percentage of all that we took for granted. As much as I am in awe of their maturity and their resilience, I find it so important for them to be kids right now, and enjoy their childhood. To be a part of something that's enabling is phenomenal. One can't even begin to express the infectious love, gratitude and energy these kids give you in return. As selfish as it sounds, that's what's always had me coming back. Saturday Art Class, is a space is for them to revel in their innocence and laughter, have fun and just be kids, even if it’s just for Saturdays. I also use this an excuse for me to be 5 again, even if it's just for Saturdays"

- Avantika Dassani,
Coordinator, Shankarwadi Mumbai Public School

“I’ve been working with the team for about a year now and to say that it’s had a phenomenal impact on my life would still be an understatement. My first class started at Shankarwadi School where I was a volunteer to becoming a coordinator at Mohili Village Mumbai Public School where I have 150+ children and 10+ mentors under me. It is my happy place, it’s somewhere you find sheer pure happiness and innocence and that’s all been possible due to SArC. I always think of SArC with 3 C’s: color, creativity and children. The connection made between the children right from grade 1 to grade 4 and the mentors is instant but yet so long lasting and that’s something every single person coming for cherishes. In a short span of a few months I have actually seen the impact of positive reinforcement on the children that’s ensured in each class through SArC’s value based curriculum. It’s a great feeling to have when you can see a change happening right in front of you, no matter how less or more you’ve contributed to it.I’ve definitely grown and learned tremendously through each child and each person I’ve met through this journey.My Saturday’s have never been happier and brighter. I’m still really grateful to be doing this every single week and hope to continue for a long time to come.”

- Komal Mirani,
Content Strategist at FoxyMoron
Coordinator, Mohili Village Mumbai Public School

“ I remember I was really scared the first day I entered the class as a mentor and I didn't know that this organisation would become such an important part of my life. Now it’s something I can't imagine my Saturday's without. I realised that it wasn't only the kids who were learning so much, it was me as well who was learning from the kids. Becoming a part of Saturday Art Class has lead to a lot of personal growth and satisfaction of doing something good and making a difference to the lives of so many kids.”

- Shachi Shah,
Industrial product designer
Coordinator, Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Home for Children

“Being a part of Saturday art class has been an extremely enriching experience for me. Every Saturday as I walk into that classroom, I feel such a sense of joy seeing the children all ready in their ‘We Heart Art’ aprons eager to learn something new. Their smiles and their laughter is truly contagious! And overall, actually observing growth in them over the months and knowing that I have helped them in some way to become better humans is truly a very rewarding feeling. I really can not think of any other way I would like to spend my Saturday mornings!”

- Rishita Chitalia,
Student at Podar World College
Coordinator, Pahadi Mumbai Public School


What is the coordinator programme?

For our Coordinator Programme, Saturday Art Class is looking for individuals with the potential to lead our mentors, teachers and children.

Our coordinators are the point of contact between our partner schools, mentors and the Saturday Art Class team. Through this, our coordinators will become a part of the Saturday Art Class core team.

The responsibilities of a coordinator include being in charge of a school we are associated with and maintaining mentor relations, material distribution and the official representation of Saturday Art Class in the partner schools.

Each coordinator is in charge of a particular school that will be allotted to them at the start of the year which remains unchanged for the entire academic year.


What requirements do you need to be a Coordinator at Saturday Art Class?

The Saturday Art Classes are divided into 3 trimester systems broken down into 3 months in an academic year: July - August - September, October - November - December & January - February - March

The coordinator programme is a year long commitment throughout 1 academic year. The work of a coordinator involves compulsory attendance of 2 trainings a month alongside managing the mentors who will be working with them in the partner school. Mentor management encompasses maintaining good relations between a school and the mentors, ensuring the mentors are briefed and updated about the lesson plans for each Saturday Art Class and must be accountable for the mentors.

A coordinator must have good communication skills and team building skills, and must be equipped to lead the mentors, the assigned school and the teachers during a Saturday Art Class. A coordinator will be the official representation of Saturday Art Class in that school and must maintain discipline and decorum for every Saturday Art Class. We also expect from a coordinator a time commitment of 2 hours every Saturday, throughout the academic year.


who can be a coordinator?

Coordinators can be working professionals or from diverse education programs with the aptitude to lead and inspire mentors they are responsible for.

Majority of the trainings and meetings will be held post working hours or on the weekend, hence allowing a working individual to be a part of the Saturday Art Class coordinator programme.An individual applying for the coordinator programme must fulfil all the requirements to become a coordinator.